German Rail

The Glasgow Commitment

October 2021, UN climate change conference in Glasgow. While the world's decision-makers were talking, German Rail called on Germany's decision-makers to act. The objective: to make business travel in Germany climate-friendly. By convincing decision-makers at German companies to change their travel policies for all employees.

A call from CEO to CEO

The board members of German Rail personally addressed Germany's CEOs. With personal letters in big daily newspapers and a video message on LinkedIn, they called on them to participate in the Glasgow Commitment.

The Commitment

Companies commit to officially adapting their travel policies. From 2022, business travel within Germany must be climate-friendly. German Rail supports companies through the BahnCard 100 with climate bonus for all employees.

Calling on the competition

On LinkedIn, we not only thanked participating companies, but also took the opportunity to make their competitors aware of the campaign as well. With success.

The result: a win-win-win-situation

880 participating companies – 76% more than planned! Twice as many BahnCards sold and +150% new registrations for the Bahn Business Program compared to 2019. And from 2022, the Glasgow Commitment will save tens of thousands of tons of CO2. A win for Germany's business travelers, a win for the climate and even a win for the campaign, which received two silver MAX Awards at the OMR.